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"Machine Vision is a key component to our success."

As a Cognex PSI (Partner System Integrator) Infinity Automation has extensive knowledge of vision lighting, this helps us provide a stable and robust inspection system even in some of the worst environments.

Cognex provides us with the tools and cutting edge hardware to stay up to date in this ever evolving market place.

Our vision engineers are provided with a continuing education on all new Cognex products. We are ready to provide the very best support with a full vision lab to analyze and evaluate your toughest vision applications.

Full service electrical design

Using AutoCAD electrical we can design simple motor panels, up to complex complete system designs.

With years of experience and knowledge working with cutting edge technologies we can offer you help with getting started in the right direction, while keeping your project on budget.

"PLC programming is one of our many specialties."

Unlike some other integrators that only program using a single manufacture. Infinity Automation has years of experience and keep current with several of the top PLC manufactures. This list includes Allen Bradley (Control Logix, Compact Logix, SLC500, MicroLogix, PLC5) Mitsubishi(IQ, Q, FX, Alpha) Siemens (S7), GE(90/30, 90/70) Koyo/Automation Direct products, Modicon, Beckoff/Wago.

If you are looking a quick service call or a complete plant control system we have you covered! Infinity Automation engineers are known for our trouble shooting skills and ability to program PLC's that may communicate with robots, motion,vision, HMI, and SCADA systems. We can help you match your system needs with the proper PLC manufacture and series to fit you budget and provide you with years of trouble free operations.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

Infinity Automation has extensive experience in SCADA systems putting the information that you need at your finger tips.

SCADA systems provide a common interface where operators and management can find useful tools and data to help improve control and production rates. We use some of the best packages available including RS Studio, RS View 32, Wonderware and others to supply your company with the critical information that it needs.

The ever increasing availability of the internet on the factory floor allows us to set up remote services that can be monitored through your common web browser and send automated emails and text messages based on trigger points set from the SCADA system.

"Wireless Technology has rapidly becoming more prevalent in the industrial control world."

Infinity Automation uses and supports wireless technology when the application calls for long distance communications and or high flex cable applications that can replaced using wireless.

We are experienced in 900mhz and 2.4Ghz industrial system that are point to point or multi-hop spread spectrum. If you want to monitor a few I/O points or communicate from PLC to PLC via wireless Ethernet Infinity Automation can help.

Infinity Automation also supports GSM cell connection devices for the more difficult or remote applications.

" Motion Control is a key service for Infinity Automation."

With a rich history in both linear and rotary motion, hydraulic and electrical servo. If you are looking to move 500tons or 5ounces we have the expertise and components to make it happen!

Infinity Automation also supports programming and implementation on SCARA and articulated robots using Fanuc, Mitsubishi.

"Infinity Automation has great relationships with some of the top industrial controls manufactures."

This allows us to work with our vendors to buy competitively and distribute some of the best components in the business.

We work hard to provide our customers with the latest technology at a price they can afford! Combine this with the knowledge of our experienced staff that can engineer, specify,and support a wide variety of industrial components and you'll get an experience that will make life a little easier.

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